We are very grateful to Don Ehrett for inviting his fellow Master Gardeners to his home to learn about Dahlias and view he and his wife's Garden. He gave a wonderful presentation on Dalhias and then took us out into the garden to see the several hundred Dahlias in full bloom, talking with us about the process, progress and love of Dahlias that has gone into the garden. To think that each of these Dahlias will be dug up and separated each year is just amazing. That is just the beginning of what goes into the making of the garden he shared with us.

Don Ehrett giving a presentation in his home.Dahlias in the garden.Planted and maintained with great care.A magnificent displayRow after row will be taken up and divided each year.Speaking to Master Gardeners.MG’s came away with a new knowledge and awe.

The September issue of Roots and Shoots is now available. Take some time to scroll through our pages and our calendar. There is hardly a day this month that doesn’t have an opportunity listed to learn or to serve.

This month we have two Master Gardener meetings. We look forward to Karen Mitchell’s evening meeting on the 16th at the Botanical Gardens. Her topic will be :“Keeping the ‘Hydra’ in your Hydrangeas (and other thirsty plants)"

JCMGA 2014