Volunteer Opportunities

Please scroll through these volunteer opportunities. There is something for everyone:

The Library at BBG is looking for a few volunteers to help set up the New Seed bank. Please contact Alice Moore at 205-414-3962 or by email.

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Norwood Resource Center is looking for 6 volunteers to assist in a 5 week Education Program. Theycan definitely use more than 6 volunteers, that is just the minimum.

Topic: 5 week Youth Camp Community Garden

  • You will be conducting and leading a Hands-On Gardening Demonstrations to youths ages 5- 13.
  • There is an estimate for up to 50 participants, so you will work in groups

Date: July 20, 2017
Days & Times: There are 2 options, you can do both if you interested

  • Monday & Wednesday: 10:30 am- 12:30pm (Total 4 hrs per week)
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 11:00am-12:30 pm (total 3 hrs per week

    Please contactAntonia Viteri323.702.3885directly with any questions or inquiries you may have.323.702.3885directly with any questions or inquiries you may have.

If you are looking for hours for the summer, Bethany suggests looking into this Train the Trainer Workshop. They are working with a group of urban foresters – including Andy Baril and Beau Brodbeck of ACES – to develop an urban forest map of Birmingham. Our committee has decided to use US Forest Service i-Tree methods to inventory the trees. This summer we are starting with East Lake Park to Beta test the inventory methods. They are asking 40 hour time commitment over 4 months. Perhaps the MG could use this as volunteer hours.They have their last training scheduled for June 13 at Ruffner Nature Center.If interested you can emailFrancesca Gross. Their last training is scheduled for June 13th at Ruffner Nature Center.

Jimmy, a resident at St. Martin in the Pines, who created a garden for the enjoyment of his fellow residents and is having trouble maintaining it now that he's gotten older.The Director of Volunteer Services, Kelly Moreno, is looking for knowledgeable gardeners to help him, as he doesn't want helpers who will mess it up! Kelly has been offered help for a project by Church of the Highlands on the 1st Saturday of the month, but asked if we could provide Master Gardeners to oversee, educate and just make sure it's done right. St. Martins is located in Irondale. If you are interested, please send an email.


Taylor Steele is looking for volunteers to help establish Fairfield School Community Gardens After school on Mondays. They are working in there diferent schools with about a hundred kids.This is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids to garden. If you are interested please contact Taylor at 205-370-6037 or by email. He will ll be glad to help you find a spot.

Feeding Antioch

Christian Service Missionhas 7 community gardens throughout the city that they''ve helped to put in place and currently partner with in Avondale, East Lake, Woodlawn, Pratt City, West End, Inglenook/Tarrant and Fairfield. They have a goal and desire to continue to expand into the realm of educational gardening and do currently have our aquaponics and hydroponics gardens at 3600 3rd Ave. South, 35222 (their ministry center in Avondale) They are looking for Master Gardeners to be matched with one of the community gardens, to help create growing, learning centers. if anyone is interested in working in that realm or just wants to come see our setup! You can find more information on their website.

Each of the Norwood Garden managers has been certified through the Jefferson County Master Gardener program. This dedicated group of people is making a big difference in the community. They meet each first Saturday. They have created a culture of family gardening in a community setting. The gradens produce 2K a year that goes to the neighbors, combating the food desert and education people of all ages. If you are interested in helping, you can find them on Facebook, by calling the resoruce center at205-322-7361 or byemail.


Alice Moore, Volunteer Coordinator at BBG, is looking for MG's who would be interested in taking charge of a weekend garden work group. We are trying a new program that follows the set-up of Kathy Connolly's Bruno veggie group where the group works relatively independently and is given tasks by the City Gardeners to accom-plish. Alice is looking for people who are interested in being involved or in heading up the group. This is a good way for MG's who work doing the week to pick up hours. Unlike most of the work groups however, this group would only meet one or two weekends a month. contact Alice Moore at 205-414-3962 or byemail.


Ruffner Mountain has several needs for Master Gardeners. They have started a garden club for people with limited mobility. They meet every Tuesday from 9 am to noon. They connect with the natural world by collecting seeds and cuttings. If you are able to help, bring gloves, sunscreen and water. You can see more opportunities on their website, especially on the calendar pages.


The Southern Environmental Center is the largest educational facility of its kind in Alabama, dedicated to showing individuals how they can protect and improve their local environments. They are in need of Master Gardeners help. In Edgewood they are creating a polinator garden EcoScape. For more information visit their Facebook Page or website. You can contact Roald Hazelhoff, the director by phone 205-226-4934 or by email.

Harvest for Healthbegain here in Birmingham in 2010. This very successful program pairs cancer survivors with Master Gardeners to help the cancer survivors cope, heal and grow. Harvest for Health has been give a new grant by the NIH and needs sixteen Master Gardener volunteers toparticipate as mentors, provides supplemental training, and coordinates the seasonal supplies needed for the garden. To volunteer, please contact Renee Thompson, Outreach Coordinator. She can be reached by phone 334-826-1590 or by email. All the training you need will be provided prior to meeting your survivor.

Ongoing Kaul Wildflower Garden volunteer sessions with theKaul Wildflower GroupOn many Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Kaul Wildflower Garden CuratorJohn Manion leads volunteer sessions in the Kaul Wildflower Garden beginningat 9 a.m. On Friday mornings, the plant propagation group often meets, aswell. John says: “If you are not a ‘regular’ participant in these volunteer activities, it’s best to letJohn Manionknow you plan to attend in case we cancel.”

If you are interested in becoming a docent at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, contact Alice Moore at 205-414-3962 or byemail. She will arrange individual training.

We all enjoyed the Master Gardener Meeting at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. Charles Yeager gave a wonderful presentation about the history and current day conservation efforst of this Forever Wild Nature preserve. Over 130,000 people pass through the gates without charge to wander through this beautiful spot, swim in the cleanest water you will find in our area and learn about this biologically diverse habitat. Turkey Creek exists through volunteer efforts and donations to the Friends of Turkey Creek. Links to both can be found on their website. Every Friday morning there is an ongoing work program involving labeling and propagation in the polinator garden.


We have an opportunity as Master Gardeners to help feed the hungry inAlabama. The Society of St. Andrew’s project, Gleaning in Alabama is making a difference and we can join in their efforts. Each year they coordinate hundreds of volunteers to glean nearly hundreds of thousands of pounds of a variety of produce in Alabama. People of all ages canglean. Please see their website for furtherinformation and to fill out the volunteer form. You can also follow up with Bethany O’Rear if you are interested. She can be reached by email or phone: Office:205-879-6964 Ext. 15,Cell:205-612-9524


WE Community Gardens, located at 1229 Cotton Avenue, SW, needs volunteers to help with their Urban Garden that produces affordable, healthy and seasonal produce, grown under organic conditions. It is an oasis in a food desert. Volunteers are needed on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am to noon. You can find more information onlineor by calling 205-781-0517.


Tiffanys Group has been formed at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. This group is headed by two of our Master Gardeners, Kathy Connolly and Hope Cooper.They will meet from 8 am to 10:30 am on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You don’t have to start at 8:30, come when you can. The Magic City Harvestis the recipient of the vegetables being grown in the Bruno Vegetable Garden. Wear seasonally appropriate clothing, and bring a water bottle, pruning shears and a trowel. If you would like to be added to the weekly e-mail lists for updates on the group’s schedule and activities, contact Kathy Connolly. Amanda Clark has written a synopsis of how they have been managing the garden“mostly organically.” It is well worth reading: Bruno Vegetable Garden“Mostly Organic" Management History.

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Master Gardeners are invited to join TheLibrary volunteer team.Right now there are no openings for library volunteers during the week, but there are a couple of openings for weekend shifts. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Alice Moore by emailor by phone at 205-4114-3962.

Volunteer Opportunities in Plant Adventures Interested in helping adults with special needs to learn valuable life skills while working in The Gardens? Contact Brooke McMinn, Plant Adventures Program Specialist for The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, atbmcminn@bbgardens.orgor 205-414-3914 for more information on our volunteer opportunities!

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Birmingham Fern Group meets each Thursday in the Fern Gladeat Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Volunteers are needed from 9 - noon. If you're interested in joining, please contactBrooke McMinn atbmcminn@bbgardens.orgor 205-414-3914 for more information.

Get Into the Gardens! Master Gardeners are needed to help facilitate demonstration activities and talks on the weekends at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.Please contactBrooke McMinn atbmcminn@bbgardens.orgor 205-414-3914 for more information.

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